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Aerial renders

Still image

A still image is the best way to enhance the most important aspects of a project. We have the freedom to choose the best point of view and create the most appropriate atmosphere to transmit to the viewer how that new reality will finally be.

A complete project would contain exterior and interior images from a person’s point of view as well as some aerial or detail shots.

Architectural movie

3D animation takes one step further regarding to the static image. It allows us to tell a story with the project in a more cinematographic way. Also with a promotional video can provide a greater amount of information to the viewer.

Normally we work on promotional videos of between 2 and 3 minutes in length, or in shorter spots between 30 seconds and 1 minute.

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Virtual reality and Walk-through

The virtual reality is entering strongly in the market of the architectural visualization providing new ways to experience a project. The user can navigate the spaces with the VR glasses in a unique experience.

We create a virtual tour with 360 degree images that can be used both on the web and in virtual reality glasses with mobile devices.


Visualfabrik is a 3D visualization studio founded in Malaga by the architects Álvaro Cappa and Miguel Ortega, with extensive experience in 3D design projects, especially in the field of architecture and urban planning. We are always focused on the quality of the final product, always taking care of every detail and highlighting the particular aspects of each project.

Each time we receive an assigment, we seek to translate the concept of the project into a photorealistic and impactful 3D image or animation at the same time, which attracts the attention of the user and reinforces the marketing of the product.

We have worked for important clients both nationally, in Madrid or Barcelona, and internationally in countries such as Germany or the United Kingdom. The high quality of work is always our main goal. We combine an exclusive dedication to each of our infographics or animations with the latest technologies to achieve the best results.

3D designer

Álvaro Cappa

Architect / 3D artist / CEO
3D artist

Cristina Robles

Architect / 3D artist
3D visualizer

Miguel Ortega

Architect / 3D artist / CEO


We are passionate about 3D art and architecture, we enjoy every project and try to show it in each image by filling them with strength and emotion.


We are qualified architects with experience in architectural projects and design. We can provide the understanding and the vision that we have in the field of architecture.


In our study we have powerful equipments that allows us to carry out the projects with solvency in the indicated periods. Also photography and virtual reality equipments to offer the highest quality to our customers.



We make a budget according to the conditions of each project and the number of shots or duration of the animation.

Modeling and views02

Once the budget is accepted and all the information of the project is collected we begin to work in the modeling (also can be provided a base by the client) and the different frames.


Sketches of the defined views are given for confirmation by the customer and the adjustments to be made to the modeling and textures.

Final delivery04

After the revisions, the work of the views and the final postproduction of the images are continued to be delivered within the established period.


The final result is in line with what is expected by the client is the most important thing for us, so we always like to receive some comments when the work is finished.


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